Alesa's Knee

January 9, 2019

Craig and Janet came up on Saturday for Alesa's last hurrah at pickleball for a while. Betsey and Jennifer were visiting Eugene and Connie so they came over for a visit and to wish Alesa well. Tuesday morning we drove down to Orlando Health Dr. Phillips Hospital and arrived at 5:30 for a 6AM surgery. While we were waiting, I received a call from the Perry Pavilion that they had room for me for that night. It is a small hotel on the first floor of the hospital for patient's families and when I originally applied they were full. It turned out to be a very, very nice and convenient place to stay. I could go back and forth to Alesa's room and it had a 'meeting room' with a well stocked kitchen which I used for coffee and a few snacks. It was also next to the cafeteria and I had the employee discount. Alesa was prepped for surgery and I visited with her until she went in. Craig and Janet also in time for a short visit with her as well. The surgery went well and Craig and I were able to see her in recovery as she waited for a room. Visit time was limited so Craig and Janet headed home while I went to my room and then had lunch. Was in the waiting room until she got a room then headed up. A physical therapist had her walking the halls while followed with the recliner, on wheels, in case she had a problem or needed to rest. As she started to get sleepy I went to my room for the night. Had planned on coming home for the night but packed and overnight bag just in case. Back up to her room at 7 AM this morning just as the medical Dr. visited and all was well so she would be released just after the 9 AM joint camp (The medical Dr. and surgical Dr. are cousins, Nguyen). That is where they demonstrated and practiced the exercises she is to do at home. About half way through the camp she got very, very nauseous which is fairly common with the anesthesia and medications. After the camp they gave her some medications for the nausea and it continues to ease but is still there but at least she is now sleeping in her own bed as she was released and we got home around noon. She was able to walk and do some exercises as I set up a schedule for her half a dozen or so medications.