April 13, 2023

Well, it's the middle of April and the taxes are filed and paid and I still have leg pain. The meds control it a bit and I take hydrocodone to help me sleep. The pain doctor gave me an epidural steroid shot in my spine on the fifth and that helped a bit. He will give me a shot in my left hip on Monday and we are hoping that will eliminate the pain. I will see a neurosurgeon on the 28th to determine the seriousness of the pinched nerve. We are hoping that it is not too serious and the long term solution can be done quickly or delayed. We still have plans to be in AZ from May 3 to June 6. There has been no movement on the house and that is fine with us. Much of our time in AZ will be spent investigating the best places to live, either renting or buying when the time comes. Alesa continues to be a great caregiver when I need help. She won't let me drive the car while I am taking hydrocodone no matter how small the dose but she does let me drive the golf cart. She has been playing VR tennis in the garage by pulling the car out. Surprising how much room we now have in our newly cleaned-out garage. Steve and Laura will be visiting us tomorrow for the weekend before heading the Betsy's on Tuesday. We have a couple of rounds of golf scheduled and I will ride the course and play as I am able on Saturday but will not be walking the 18 hole pitch and put course with them and Alesa on Sunday. We had many of the neighbors over on Easter Sunday and, of course, Alesa provided a wonderful spread for all.