In Arizona

December 14, 2022

Alesa and I have both had a cough with an upper respiratory infection requiring trips to the doctor plus antibiotics and prednisone. The coughs are lingering, and we are now at Jeff's in Gilbert. It is far colder than expected with daytimes in the low 50's and the nightimes into the low 30's. They are even forecasting 28 for Friday night. We have a condo in Flagstaff for after Christmas so we were prepared to deal with the cold. While we were still home we had Craig and Janet up for a ham dinner then we went to Paul and Carol's for a turkey dinner a few days later. We got the house ready for a month+ absence and drove to Craig and Janet's on Monday morning and they drove us to the Tampa airport. We had a direct flight to Phoenix and Jeff, Danielle and Bridget picked us up at the airport. I am still feeling a little under the weather and Jeff and Danielle work from home in the mornings so we have just been settling in, shopping and getting re-familiar with the area.