To Arizona

June 19, 2023

Invited to a cookout at the new neighbor's house on the 3rd. JJ and Carol Watt moved In a few months ago but we just got to know them. They live two houses down and we had a good time. Had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse with Paul and Carol on the 10th. Carol and my birthdays are in June so we make a point to get out to dinner with them. We do the same in December since Paul and Alesa's birthdays are in December. Had the airport shuttle pick us up at 3:45 AM on the 16th for our flight to Phoenix through New Orleans. All the flights were on time and our layover in New Orleans was an hour and a half which was plenty of time for us and our luggage to make the connection and for us to have a meal. Jeff and Danielle picked us up at the Phoenix airport. We had a chance to unpack, get situated and relax a little before heading out for a hamburger meal at my request. Saturday we did some shopping and I also went to the dispensary for some CBD/THC gummies. While my leg and back pain continue to subside I still take pain meds and the gummies are helping me sleep. Jeff cooked up chicken wings with multiple spice choices and we started to catch up with Ted Lasso. Yesterday was father's day and we had a very nice day, mostly playing water volleyball in the pool. Bridget lives back at home and Bailey came home for the weekend so all of AZ family was here, Today, we had some time for some major shopping at Sam's Club while everyone was working.