Arizona 1

May 6, 2022

Been busy since the Schaefers left. A lot of golf but mostly preparing for our trip to Arizona. Bought Elyse and Annika tickets to join us for the first week in June and we are looking forward to that. Mike says he will be busy and doesn't think he can join us. Bummer! Our flight to Arizona was at dark 06:30 on Wednesday so our ride picked us up at 3:30 after a night of very little sleep. The baggage check lines were very long but moved quickly. Half of the self-check-in kiosks were down for some reason. We have TSA precheck, so security was a breeze even though we both still get scanned because of my hip and Alesa's knee. We had a short layover at Dallas Love Field and Jeff and Danielle picked us up at Phoenix Sky harbor on time. The ceiling in Dallas couldn't have been more that 500 feet and the increased aircraft separation delayed us a bit, so we worried about making the connection, but we stayed on time and we and our baggage made the connection. We made it to Jeff's house way before noon, so we still had a full day ahead of us. Danielle's phone had frozen up, so we headed out to Verizon. It's somewhat a joke because we always end up going to Verizon for some reason or another when we visit. We always have a long, long wait and get very little help, and it takes many visits to get a resolution. BUT, this time, after a long wait they were able to reset it and save her a $300 repair bill. Thursday, we took a bike ride to check out the progress on the water reclamation expansion project behind Jeff's house. They were supposed to finish in April but it looks like another month or two before they open it and take the fences down. Jeff and I both got haircuts (short) and we settled in for the night. Bailey came home for the Mothers' day weekend and he just finished finals for his junior year. He is doing great at ASU and is now stressing over getting an internship. Today, Friday, Alesa and I golfed 18 holes at Power Ranch with Jeff and his friend, John Peck.