Arizona 3

May 14, 2022

On top of our normal activities, Alesa got her hair cut by her favorite hairdresser on Tuesday and then accompanied Danielle to her first dog training class for Fendi. Wednesday, Alesa and I biked to Fry's grocery store for a few things. Thursday, the wind finally died down enough that I was able to fly my drove over the worksite for the new recycling basins behind Jeff's house. We were interested to see the configuration of the canal extensions, bridges and hiking paths. The area is fenced off and you can't get closer than a quarter of a mile from any accessible point. They were supposed to be finished in April, then May and now, who knows. Alesa and I took a long bike ride before Jeff got home from his trip. He was able to catch an earlier flight and got back home around one or so. Friday, we golfed 18 at Power Ranch with Jeff and friend, John Peck. We did quite well as we backed off a bit and considered it a training round. Danielle took Bailey clothes shopping because he starts his internship (job) on Monday and didn't have any clothes considered business casual. After shopping they had a meal and a few drinks, so we went up and I drove them home while Alesa and Jeff stopped at Sam's to shop for the evening meal. Bailey left later that evening for his girlfriend's birthday. Saturday, we went up to the Gilbert Farmers' Market and walked through the town before walking around the market. The ladies bought a lot of vegetables and then we stopped at a stand selling small charred oaken barrels for home aging spirits. We bought Jeff one as an early birthday gift. After stopping for some awesome frozen custard and to buy some bourbon for the process it was rinsed out and is now holding hot water for a day or two to season and swell the wood for a tight fit.