Arizona 5

May 24, 2022

Sat with our coffee this morning in Jeff's backyard watching the wildlife in the preserve. It's the water reclamation site behind Jeff's house which is also a park. We watched jackrabbits and lots of birds to include quail, hummingbirds, ducks and roadrunners. We saw our first coyote as it hunted in the area. Jeff and Danielle were working this morning and we played pickleball with them this afternoon. We then took an 8+ mile bike ride twice around the block with Jeff before cooling off in the pool. Alesa has been complaining about their dull knives, so she bought them a knife sharpener which was delivered this evening and she and Jeff are now sharpening every knife in the house. Also patched the panda head beachball again which keeps getting punctured by the sharp plants around the pool as we play volleyball. Jeff got another estimate for the A/C unit and will replace the condenser for less than a third of the cost of the original estimate.