Arizona 6

May 26, 2022

Yesterday we all went to the "Hole-in-the-Rock" for a short hike. It is a site in Papago park and collocated with the zoo located between ASU and the Sky Harbor airport and north of the Salt River. We hiked up to and through the hole and then to a little lake in front of the zoo. We had been there on a previous visit but it is an enjoyable hike. Then off to the Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale for ice cream which is a traditional stop for us. Then today, Jeff and Danielle wanted us to see the new Fry's grocery store because it is 'gigantic' so we stopped there for some shopping and it is truly expansive and remarkable. Fry's is the local, Kroger owned, grocery store where we/they do most of their shopping. We then went to Lowe's and Home Depot to shop for new flooring for the carpeted upstairs hallway which the dogs consider as the outside and use accordingly. They will probably get waterproof laminate and are getting an estimate and will decide then. Jeff might install it himself. The other day I was looking to see where I could get a good gnocchi dinner and they recommended 'The Sicilian Butcher' in Chandler. So, we went there this evening. You pick your meatballs, then your sauce and then your pasta. I had my gnocchis while Jeff got the meatball ferris wheel with six different style meatballs in six bowls on a small ferris wheel, just like they said. Everything was good, even the charred octopus appetizer. Later we went out and played an hour of pickleball. My back is starting to bother me so the last couple of games were tough,