In Arizona

June 29, 2023

Been busy with all the normal stuff since we've been here. Have been building my legs up as they are still a little weak. Back is doing well but I have acquired a bit of stiffness and soreness on my right side lower back and hip area. Can't walk for long but have been taking long bike rides, doing my PT and exercising in the pool. Alesa is staying very active with longer bike rides, five-mile walks, VR tennis and exercising in the pool. We did play pickleball once and have been walking around a lot of open houses and home tours just in case we find the perfect one. I brought the rest of our Wii games but had to replace Wii Resort as the disc was bad. Am hoping to use Wii fit and use the balance board more to strengthen my legs and improve my balance. We have seen a bit of the grandkids but they have been going back to their apartments during the week since they both work in the area and will stay until their leases expire. End of July, I think. Bailey has been stressing about getting into graduate school at ASU and he was accepted this week. Great news, now he is stressing about how may credits and which courses to take since he will be working and going part time. Jeff has been in Seattle the last few days on business and will fly back this afternoon. Jeff, Danielle and we will be spending the night of the 8th in Bullhead City to do a bit of sightseeing in that area of northwestern AZ. Our plan is to return to FL on the 19th and bring Bridget with us. She will fly back on the 25th to watch the dogs while her parents go on a little vacation.