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June 9, 2022

On Monday we started packing or at least thought about packing. Jeff started the flooring so we went to Harbor Freight to buy a multitool because he decided not to remove the baseboard. He will cut the baseboard to be able to fit the laminate and underlayment beneath it. We pulled some carpeting and started the process as a test. He will do a little bit at a time as he has the time. We then played some pickleball then off to Andy's for some ice cream. Tuesday we did start packing and then some more pickleball. Yesterday, Jeff and Danielle took us to the airport around noon. The flight was delayed a bit and we landed in Orlando about a half an hour late. Our driver waited for us and we got home around 11. Our bodies were still on Arizona time so we unpacked before collapsing in bed. This morning we went out for breakfast, bought some groceries and finished unpacking by putting things away. The new BJ's opened while we were away so we checked it out before shopping at Sam's Club. I also mowed the lawn since it is supposed to be rainy for the next few days.