Been a While

June 21, 2022

Been getting caught up with yard work and general house work/maintenance. We have also been playing a lot of golf. Alesa has been very eager to practice to make her game better. Jeff had given her some instruction while we were there and now she is watching a lot of instructional golf videos on the internet. She is also shopping for some new clubs, probably just one new one to start. In addition to playing rounds of golf, we have gone to the country clubs to practice chipping and pitching, the main things she is working on now. We have also been investigating setting up a revocable trust in replace of our wills. Bought an 88 key electronic piano for Alesa. She liked the one Jeff has and the bundle has all the things/functions she would want. So in addition to golf and the Wondrium classes she takes every day, she is busy on the piano. She is using headphones so she can bang away as she pleases.