March 10, 2024

Got the pool heater fixed with our home warranty and are waiting for the weather to warm a bit more. Spent a lot of time planting in the front yard. We needed something to replace the tree and wanted a cactus, a Peruvian Pear cactus to be exact. We went shopping for one and they didn’t have any but told us that, if we knew anyone who had one, we could take a growth from it and grow our own. So, Jeff just happens to have one so we cut a five foot piece and, following the directions from the nursery and the internet, we now have it in our front yard along with a number of other plants. Alesa bought two other cacti but will plant them in the backyard so she can enjoy them flowering. Attended an ASU sidewalk art festival with Jeff and Danielle and visited Bridget at work at the Varsity Tavern and had a few cold ones.