November 10, 2022

Arrived in Dubrovnik, a beautiful place and took a bus up the coast for a tour of an oyster farm where we took a little boat ride to some floats where the 'farmer' lifted some oysters (on a string) up through the middle of the boat and opened them. We all had 3 raw oysters and some local wine and brandy then a bowl of steamed mussels then back to the pier and the bus. Then to a winery for a demonstration and wine tasting. Then off to an olive mill where he demonstrated the old way of pressing olive with a horse drawn mill and a hand press. The family also hosted a small sit down lunch with salads, olives, olice oil, cheeses and many vegetables grown in their garden. It was a most excellent tour. Back to the ship where we attended a performance of Abba songs then to dinner and drinks. We have been to all the bars and all of the general restaurants. We have reservations for the specialty restaurants later in the trip.