April 2, 2024

The other night, Alesa’s ribs really started to bother her. So, with the sudden increase in pain, as a caution we headed to the emergency room. The ribs had a slight fracture but there were no complications. There was nothing they could do but prescribe stronger meds. She doesn’t like taking the meds or resting but is taking them and feels a lot better. Spent Easter with Jeff and family and it was a rainy, cool day. I have been trying to watch the SpaceX launch from Vandenberg but it has been cancelled for the last three nights. It has been cloudy so I gave up. Last night, while playing pickleball with Jeff and the kids (Alesa went but just watched) the launch went off and we could see it off in the distance where the clouds were just off the horizon. The launch looks much more spectacular with the sun behind it over the horizon lighting up the spreading contrail in the dark. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me (picture from the internet). Today we rode the bikes to our (Trilogy) gym, and I did my PT and took a shower while Alesa walked on the treadmill.