End of July

July 31, 2023

End of July and the end of an era. Our baby, Jeff, turns 50 tomorrow and our whole next generation is now eligible for AARP. A good thing that age is only in the mind and, apparently, in the bones as well. My tenth day of covid was up yesterday and Alesa had developed a cough and sore throat so she tested on Friday and I tested as well. As you saw in the picture, I tested negative but she tested positive. So, we continue in quarantine for another ten days. I had a cold and was tired and listless for most of my time but nothing serious and now I feel good. Now Alesa is heading in the same direction. Her biggest problem is that she has to give up her 'Wonder Woman' image because she couldn't fight off the virus. We all know she is a WW but we'll keep that a secret for now as she rests and I get to care for her as she always does for me.