September 10, 2023

Drove to Erie on Wednesday after breakfast and a nice visit with Elyse. We stayed with Bob and Cathy which is very convenient and lets us spend more time with them. We had a chance to visit the dock and drive around the Peninsula. Drove out to Ripley and stopped at Alesa's mom's grave on the way back. Becca and the girls, Imogen and Roisin, came over one evening. We visited the art museum in Erie where one of Alesa's classmates, Kathy Kania, displays her art. We have many of her prints, but they also display many of the originals. My sister, Marilyn, who will not be returning to her apartment after her stay in rehab will have to vacate the apartment by the end of the month. My sister, Helen, will be cleaning out the apartment but Marilyn's son, Darryl, Bob and I moved the heavy stuff (furniture) to Darryl's house in our three vehicles. Some he will be keeping but some he will store for Marilyn because we do not know what she will be allowed to take to the new facility. Was glad we could help. Also had a chance to visit with Marilyn a couple of times. The visits were somewhat limited because Covid had just been discovered in the building but it was nice to see her. Paul and family spent Saturday night at Bob's as well. We offered to move to a motel as we did not know they were coming but they insisted we stay as they had plenty of room, they were already set up and it was a good chance to visit with Paul and his family, Sarah and their girls, Zoey and Olivia (little O). Paul and family were in from Cleveland because Caitlin had a baby shower on Sunday. She is due with her first in November (to be named Owen (big O)) and we just happened to be visiting now so we had a great opportunity to visit with family and many friends at the shower. We also had a chance to visit the Maloneys when we all went out to dinner. It was a great visit and thanks to Bob and Cathy and their hospitality which always makes us feel welcome. Tomorrow we leave early for the Auto Train in Lorton. Hurricane Lee is heading north in the Atlantic so we should be OK.