February 28, 2019

End of February already. Spent the weekend of the 16th and 17th running the Dilly-Dilly tournament for the platform tennis club. Alesa is the VP of the club and since she can't play we were available to help out. That Monday Alesa had her 6 week appointment for her knee in Orlando and she is doing very well, but not fast enough for her. Last Friday, Ronnie and Denny arrived to a rented time share for two weeks in the Disney area so we stopped over to see them after the appointment. The 19th was my 6 month cardiology appointment and I suspected I was having a problem and it turns out I was right. I was in AFib and my heart rate was very high so they sent me over to the emergency room to get it under control. They admitted me and it took 4 days to get my heart rate back to normal. I had no symptoms except to feel the heart rate and the AFib. I was back home on Saturday feeling fine except for a cough and I have an appointment next week to follow up with the cardiologist. Somewhere along the line I picked up a terrible cough, so bad I couldn't sleep. My lungs were clear in the hospital so they felt it was an allergy. The coughing continued and it is finally clearing and I am able to sleep most of the night. A few days ago I helped Mike (cross street neighbor) connect his phone to his car and install and set up a TV antenna in his attic. Turns out he has a stationary bike in his garage that wasn't being used and now it is in our garage for the time being so Alesa can workout her knee. Her doctor says cycling is the best thing for it. I got her bike out of the attic and fixed it up but we were both very nervous that she would fall. Staying in the garage is much safer. Alesa and I are both busy around the yard but neither of us will be playing active sports for the time being. Yesterday, Craig and Janet asked Ronnie and Denny over for lunch so we went down to join them. It was a good time and we finally got to see the teardrop trailer Craig has been building.