Gold Canyon

January 13, 2023

Jeff and Danielle worked in the morning so we took 3 separate dog walks to keep the dogs separated. In the afternoon we all went out to Gold Canyon to investigate the area. We saw an open house sign so we decided to stop. The house was really too small but the backyard and its view were spectacular. We then went down the road to check out the Hieroglyph Trail. It was recommended by the realtor at the house and is a trail leading up to an area with a lot of petroglyphs. It was a hard hike, uphill and over a rocky path, so the ladies turned back after a mile and a half. Jeff had gone ahead so I waited for him. He got to the site and took a lot of pictures. We will do the trail again but earlier in the day and better prepared. We hadn't planned for a long hike. Overall it was a good day and we will sleep well. Gold Canyon is a beautiful area at the base of the Superstition Mountains.