May 22, 2022

Alesa, Jeff, Bailey and I golfed on Saturday at Trilogy. It was windy, the course wasn't in the best condition and we didn't golf that well but we still had a lot of fun. It was a tiring round and we had gotten up early that morning to see the Joneses off. So, after the pool that afternoon was spent watching golf, as it was meant to be played, and relaxing. Sunday, with both the 'kids' home, they had a lot of family time and then went shopping at Sam's to buy groceries as well as some for Bailey and Bridget to take back to their apartments. Because, that's what parents do. We watched the end of the PGA Championship. In the evening, Alesa, Jeff and I then took another grocery ride to Fry's on the bikes. On the way home I stopped and took some pictures of the Superstition mountains since it was so clear and they are usually somewhat hazy. They looked so close even though they are more than 30 miles away.