May 28, 2022

Friday was our last day of golf here in Arizona and we had a great round with Jeff and John. Elyse and Annika will be here next week and then we will be heading home. Tim, the dog, has been ailing since he was startled by a loud noise and leapt from Alesa's lap the other day. Danielle took him to the vet but the wait times were over four hours so she left after a couple of hours after his vital signs. We are assuming he hurt his back and she got some pain medicine for him today and he is feeling better. He has a vet appointment on Tuesday. Jeff had a new condenser installed for the downstairs unit and he is very pleased because it was a good and timely job at one third the price of the original quote. It was also a smaller, quieter Trane unit. He is very happy to have found a fair, reliable person for A/C maintenance. Jeff also bought a new ceiling fan for our room because he wanted a brighter light. It also has a remote which is good because the light switch is inconveniently located behind the opened door. Danielle also made an appointment for a flooring measurement on Tuesday. Bailey came home today for the holiday and they all went shopping. Alesa and I rode the bikes to the grocery store. Then they all went to play pickleball while I stayed back to do some physical therapy for my back. It feels better now but pickleball the other day caused some back pain. Alesa is now working with Bailey on the design of our new house.