Happy Fathers' Day

June 17, 2018

Stopped by the Philadelphia Premium outlets on Thursday and the Lancaster outlets on Friday so Alesa could buy a comfortable pair of sneakers. At Jeff's we have been busy playing badminton, cornhole, tennis and "seven'" ( a card game using dice and Nana's 'found' pennies. Yesterday we visited with Ken and Sue Schwed and had dinner at an Asian restaurant. Fun catching up and seeing the progress on Ken's train layout. Today, after much physical activity and a big meal, we golfed 9 holes at Wyncote with Jeff and Bailey. Too tired to golf but a lot of fun anyways. Also made reservations on the Amtrak Autotrain from Lorton to Sanford for our return home. We booked a roomette since the trip is from 4 PM to 8:58 AM the next day.