Happy New Year

January 14, 2024

We celebrated the New Year on EST (10 PM MST) and went to bed. The time difference has also been good for football watching since the late games finish and we haven't missed our bedtime. Been busy and are just about at a 'home maintenance' mode. Alesa has trimmed and/or cut down plants in the yard. I have got all of the landscape lights working as we like. We continue to ride our bikes on a regular basis, Alesa a little more regular than me. We also go to the fitness center (Esporta) with Jeff 4 or 5 times a week. It has been very cold, even dipping below freezing on some mornings. We have been wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts as well as sweaters and sweatshirts. It does feel warm during the day with the sun out and forecasts are calling for warmer weather, During the month, so far, we have obtained our Florida drivers' licenses and Maricopa County library cards, registered to vote and elected to have our ballots mailed to us, replaced the blinds in the master bedroom and dining room, installed all the TVs (with the patio TV protected from the elements), installed a solar pool cover (with Jeff's help, actually he did most of the work), installed a working keypad for the garage door, installed a Wi-Fi enabled deadbolt for the front door and moved that deadbolt to the door to the garage as they did not leave a key for it, installed our extra ring doorbell on the door to the garage and pretty much have the garage the way we want it. Today is the monthly big trash day where you put your oversized trash in front of the house over the weekend and they pick it up during the following week. It's also a way to recycle useable stuff as people pick up what they may want. Our old blinds are already gone. Had to have Florida print out the electronic title to our car and mail it to me before I could register it in Arizona. I received it yesterday and made an appointment at the DMV for Wednesday,