Heading North

September 2, 2023

Before the trip our time was spent with showings and open houses. We both had doctors' appointments since our blood sugar levels were high, probably due to all the sweets during the holidays. We are both back to normal now. I have an MRI scheduled when I get back since my leg is still bothering me. We also followed hurricane Idalia very closely and the train was cancelled for the two days before ours but it hit the panhandle and cleared the coast so ours went as scheduled. We left home before the showing and open house scheduled for that day in plenty of time for an on-time departure. But it was delayed due to traffic enroute and arrived two hours late. It then took two and a half hours to get our car which put us in the teeth of the Labor Day weekend traffic in DC. Plus there was an accident on I-95 north of Baltimore which closed the road and we detoured with everyone else. We arrived in Phoenixville over three hours late. The road in front our motel was already closed off for a weekend celebration and we could not find a parking place so we parked at Mike's and walked into town with him to check into the motel and a nice dinner and walked back to his place. Later, I dropped off Mike, Alesa and our luggage close to the motel and found a place to park in their alternate parking spot. This morning we drove over to Abington to visit with Lisa and shop at Olive Lucy. We had lunch with Ann Goodman and the Schwed's in King of Prussia. Then back to Mike's to watch the Penn State game with him and Annika.