Heat and Monsoon Storm

July 18, 2023

Busy packing today because we fly back home tomorrow. Bridget is flying back to spend a few days with us. Today is the 19th day in a row with a temperature of 110 degrees or more. Setting a record for the number of consecutives days above 110. The forecast is calling for 10 more days. We have limited our outdoor activity and usually end with time in the pool. We ride bikes for 10 to 15 miles many days. Alesa even rode 22 miles today. We had a monsoon storm last night with 20+ mile an hour winds which caused a dust storm to roll in like a light brown fog. It was very eerie and caused the sun to look like the moon. Once the dust cleared you could see thunder clouds in the distance complete with lightning. Many places got rain but we didn't feel any and Gilbert registered only .01 inches.