House for Sale

August 19, 2023

We have put the house up for sale again, this time with The Villages and the same realtor who sold us the house. Last time was to see if we could take advantage of the bubble. This time we are being more realistic. It went up on Sunday and we have had our first showing, a Zoom call from Colorado. Today is Craig's birthday and we had him and Janet up on Tuesday and Wednesday to celebrate with dinner, breakfast (First Watch) and Lunch (Stumpknockers) plus multiple pies and ice cream. We also did 18 holes of Putt'n'Play with them. Alesa and I are both over covid but I am still very tired and out of sorts. The doctor says that is pretty common after covid but will check it again after a few weeks. We both got our flu shots yesterday. Have been busy getting the house ready. We power washed the driveway and cleaned and sealed the grout throughout the house. I must say, it all looks very good, as good as new. Alesa was the foreman with her home brew chemicals which worked very well. To be honest, she also did most of the work. Saw a couple of Palmetto bugs in the house after we got back from AZ. So, we had the house treated to preclude the off chance one of these guys would run through the house during a showing. After I booked our trip on the auto train we received an advertisement for a rare auto train sale. I called Amtrak and they applied the sale price to the existing reservation at quite a savings.