July 17, 2022

Nothing much has been happening. Looking forward to seeing Mike and family in a week or so then on to Maine and Canada. Been golfing almost every day so Alesa can polish her game. The heat and humidity have been rough and rain threatens every day but we have been rained out only a few times. Playing nine holes in a golf cart isn't too bad but, one day we walked 18 holes on a chip and put course and: we won't do that in the heat again. We have been on the pickleball court a bit but since my hip/back has been bothering me I basically stay to the middle of the court and hit the ball back to Alesa. We did go to the town squares once or twice to enjoy the entertainment and hit a restaurant or two. Today, after golf, we took a cart ride to McDonalds for take-out and stopped next to a golf course to eat and enjoy the view. There were showers in the area so we had to wait for the golfers to brave the wet.