July 4th

July 5, 2023

Happy 4th of July. Plenty to eat today and lots of activity. Took a ride to the San Tan Valley area to see the homes and check out the growth and new building in that area. There were many beautiful desert and modern style homes on the side of the mountains with great views of the valley. Way out of our price range at probably multiple million-dollar prices. Nice ride which took us on some dirt farm roads due to unexpected detours for roadwork. Found it interesting that the roads were actual dirt rather than desert sand. Got back in time for the local fireworks. Jeff's backyard has a clear view of the Gilbert Regional Park which is just across the street from the recycle ponds. We avoided the traffic jams in and out of the park before and after the fireworks display. Being in the valley we also had a view of many of the private and public displays in the area. Alesa saw some of the earlier displays but spent most of the time with the dogs as they cowered in or under the beds in our bedroom. Fendy even spent the whole night under Alesa's bed.