Leg Pain

March 28, 2023

Another hiatus but this time it was due to serious leg pain down the front of my left leg. I won't bore you with the details but I will give a summary for our later use, if needed. A little back pain on the first so I did my PT routines. On the fifth it radiated down my leg so bad l went to the ER for some relief. They reduced the pain and gave me a few prescriptions. Periformis was the diagnosis. I woke up at three AM on the sixth with pain so bad I could barely move so we called an ambulance for transport. Heavy duty pain relief, a CT scan, a sonogram and new prescriptions and all is well for a while. My doctor ordered an X-ray and made an appointment for me at their pain doctor for the 21st. Due to the pain, I was getting less than an hour of interrupted sleep, if any. It was so bad I went to the ER at the hospital on the 17th. Pain relief and new medication. Also needed a bladder catheter which was removed on the 21st. Saw the pain doctor who said it was a pinched nerve and not periformis and finally ordered an MRI which we had been asking everyone to do. We made many calls to expedite the MRI and had it on the evening of Friday the 24th. Called the pain doctor on Monday the 27th to let him know we had the MRI and he had us come right in. He looked at the MRI notes which said everything was unchanged and normal but when he looked at the MRI itself, he was concerned and sent us to the Ocala hospital ER as they would have what they needed and call in the on-call neuro surgeon. We drove up to the ER but they could not see the MRI so no neuro surgeon. We were able to call my doctor and the office Faxed the MRI notes. They eased the pain and prescribed stronger steroids. I had an excellent nights sleep last night and feel better today with just a little pain. The pain doctor will giving me a shot (shots) in the morning. We are now in the process getting a quick appointment with a nuero surgeon to diagnose the root problem and advise a treatment plan. Whew, it's been a busy month and I can't say enough about my caretaker and her support. Even when my addled, pain and drug affected brain gets a little confused. I found that an irritated woman can explain the problem and get (demand) results far better than a (helpless) man. Thank you, Alesa.