October 14, 2022

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And that's what we've been doing as our lemon tree is full of lemons. We also continue to give a lot to the neighbors. On another note, I had a routine stress test back in March which showed some minor blockage (3%) which could have even been shadows on the film. The doctor wasn't concerned but told me to watch for any symptoms. At my 6-month checkup in September everything looked good and I didn't have any symptoms. The doctor said that if I had any symptoms he would run another test, a CT Scan. I told the doctor that if you tell an old guy to watch for shortness of breath, he is going to be short of breath on occasion. Given our upcoming trip to Europe (November 6th) and the fact that the earlier results were weighing on my mind. I said let's do the test. It was scheduled quickly but cancelled because it was on the day Ian was supposed to hit us. After Ian's path moved south, I was able to get it scheduled for the next day. The week after the test, which was last week, I received a call saying they saw something on the scan and I had an appointment to see another cardiologist for this Tuesday. My regular cardiologist is an 'electrician' and this one is a 'plumber'. At the appointment the doctor said they see major blockages in all 3 of the arteries serving the heart and he went through all the possible alternatives from catheterization, or stenting to open heart surgery depending on the severity. He wanted to take a look as did we, so he scheduled a catheterization in two days. I was impressed by the turnaround, and he said he would be able to fix most if not all problems in time for our trip. Yesterday, I had an outpatient procedure at The Villages hospital where he put a catheter through the artery in my right wrist. He looked through the arteries and ran all kinds of tests for flow rates and could find only minor blockages such as you would expect to find in any healthy 75-year-old man. Great news! As he and we had hoped, the suspected blockages were just shadows on the film. Now I just have to take it easy for a week or two so I don't spring a major leak through the new hole in my right wrist. No problem, Alesa has been an excellent caregiver. The only other negative is that the doctor said I can't eat any food that tastes good to prevent any future problems. I am sure Alesa will see to that even if she has to make less than her usually excellent tasing food. Sorry for the long detailed description but we also use this blog to revisit our history and to settle any red-flag challenges that might arise in the future regarding conflicting memories.