Little Christmas

January 6, 2023

Keeping busy with mostly hiking. Even took all of the dogs for a long walk. Opted out of pickleball with the group the other day because I felt a little tweak in a knee during a walk but it is feeling better now. Ordered a new phone yesterday and picked it up last night after Alesa's eye doctor appointment. Jeff got a new purple folding phone and now I have a blue one. Alesa was concerned about her eyes after cataract surgery early last year so she went to an eye doctor out here last summer to have them checked. She was so pleased with her that she decided to have her annual checkup out here. Jeff had serious back pain yesterday afternoon and we suspected a kidney stone and Danielle took him to the ER around 3. After a long wait they found a 3mm kidney stone and put him on pain meds and kept him overnight to see a urologist to possibly remove it. He was in a recliner in the hallway until around O dark thirty when he was moved to a room (kinda). Bailey and I drove up around 10 to take up some requested items and I relieved Danielle and stayed with him until he was in a room. He was on pain meds all night and most of the day and they scheduled a procedure to remove the stone for 4:30. About noon the pain started to subside. They felt he may or may not have passed the stone and gave him the option to go home or have the procedure. They could check for the tone with a CT scan but then, if needed, the procedure would have to be put off until tomorrow. They gave no guidance so he (we) opted for the procedure because he wanted to get home but he didn't want any unpleasant surprises. The procedure was a breeze for him but they found no stone. He is now home and happy.