Long Time -Plus

March 1, 2023

It has been a while since I last posted but we have been very busy. We have decided to put our house up for sale and move to Arizona. We are kind of torn and we love it here, so if it sells, we will move and if not, we stay. We will eventually move to Arizona but for now that is our plan. We have been looking at houses in Arizona but don't want to own two homes with no end in sight. Jeff and Danielle have been touring homes and including us on video calls and we have seen a number of homes we liked but first things first. To that end we signed with a realtor last week and they took pictures and created a 3D walk-through this afternoon. There is an open house scheduled for next Wednesday but as usually happens it will be mostly curious neighbors and we would expect a month or two before a serious offer. Hoping for the best. There has been a lot of work getting the house ready for pictures, open houses and tours. We also had welcome visitors from Pennsylvania this afternoon, Jim and Mary Claire Brown. They stopped on their way to spend a few nights at her brother's house in Claremont before going to a condo in St Augustine for the month of March. It was great to see them and a nice diversion from the 'house stuff'. Even with all this activity we have still had time to play golf and some platform tennis over the last month. No pictures of note so I added one of our picture-prepared kitchen with the 'fixins' for Aperol spritzes with the Browns and a box from our lunch at the Havana Country Club. In addition, I cannot let the passing of a very dear friend go unmentioned. Artie and Annie Freitas were very close friends and our neighbors on 25th street from 1973 until about 1986. We cannot say enough good things about them. Artie RIP.