March 24, 2019

Lynn called the other day to say she and her girl scout troop were coming up from Lakeland to Camp Wildwood (a few miles from us) this weekend. Lynn, her two granddaughters and her daughter Andrea along with 6 other scouts and mothers spent the weekend at camp and we met them yesterday at Culvers for a custard break. Wow, 8 young girls who aren't getting much sleep, shoot me now. Anyways we did enjoy meeting with them. I am all squared away with my medicines now, the VA will be supplying my Eliquis. Alesa had a crown replaced and I finally had my temporary replaced with a permanent. We are both still fighting a cough but we are getting better. Alesa saw a doctor when hers started and I saw my doctor for a hospital stay follow up. The lungs are clear for both of us so nothing serious. Alesa and I have been playing platform tennnis and Craig & Janet came up Thursday and we all played pickleball. They were headed to Denver the next day to visit their daughters and grandchildren. The Erie Club had Ron Seggi's "Caravan of Stars" show for their March meeting but Alesa and I didn't go because of our coughs. Ron was an Erie radio disc jockey and celebrity and is currently a radio personality in Orlando. Had dinner with the Maloneys on Monday as they will be headed back to Erie shortly to spend the summer. Alesa is busy gardening and everything continues to grow well. We picked and split our first pea this afternoon.