August 18, 2022

Left Quebec on Tuesday morning, golfed in Lac-Megantic about 15 miles north of the Maine border. It was a very nice course but we were so tired and play was slow, so we skipped the 18th hole and gave ourselves all birdies. We spent the night at Steve and Laura's condo at Sugarloaf. We were planning to golf in Bangor on Wednesday and spend the night, but the rains came so we cancelled our reservations, had lunch in Bangor and headed to Grand Lake Stream. Today was a catch-up day with a few tasks and packing. Alesa and Laura prepared and very nice farewell dinner. This was their 50th anniversary trip and tomorrow is their anniversary so we will be leaving in the morning and giving them some time to celebrate. We will be heading back into Canada and Knowlton, Quebec so Alesa can visit the background sites of the Louise Penny's novels. (She always goes to 'Three Pines' when she feels stressed.)