Marx's Visit

February 13, 2024

On the 1st we had a visit from our next-door neighbors from the Villages. Dan and Dale Marx landed in Phoenix on their way to a wedding in Tucson. So, they stopped for a visit on the way and to wait for the rest of their family to arrive. It was good to see them again and were glad they could stop. The weather has stayed cold and damp. We had enough rain one day to overflow our pool. We did install the film on our bedroom windows. Maybe we should have waited since the purpose is to reduce heat buildup in the house. It is getting warmer if only a little bit at a time. Our sleeper loveseat was delivered for my office. A technician came to install a salt cell for our pool on Friday but had to order a part so, hopefully, he will finish it up this week. Continue to hike, bike and go to the gym. Our gym is closing next month so we are checking out alternatives. Also continuing to get involved in the neighborhood. Went to the community breakfast last Saturday and to a health expo the day before. We are finding the Trilogy residents to be very friendly and helpful. Happy FAT TUESDAY!