Memorial Day

May 30, 2022

Sunday was a relaxing day with a nice picnic-type luncheon. A good way to spend the Memorial Day weekend. But, since Alesa is relentless at keeping us busy, we did play some pickleball. Today, we went to 'First Watch' for breakfast. There was a 45-minute wait so we put our name in, got gas, ran through the car wash and came back to the restaurant. A few minutes after we parked, I received a text that our table was ready and we had a great breakfast. Bailey headed back to his apartment and Bridget stopped in for a visit. We will see them both this weekend when Elyse and Annika are here. Finished the day with a lively practice game of 'Pit'. Craig and Janet headed off to Spain today for their bike ride on the Camino de Santiago. It started in a panic as their flight from Tampa to Miami was cancelled and they didn't find out until they tried to check-in the day before. They solved the problem by taking a bus to the Miami airport, caught their flight to Madrid, the connecting flight to Santiago de Compostela and the car to their hotel. Solving unexpected problems always makes the trip more memorable.