Mike and Annika

January 25, 2023

Went to Mike's apartment last evening in Phoenixville and Annika joined us after work. She stayed the night at Mike's to spend today with us. We all walked into town and had dinner at a very nice Greek restaurant (Avios). We walked around town and back to Mike's place and then back to the Hampton Inn for a much-needed rest. Back to Mike's this morning and walked into town for breakfast at Your Mom's Place. We drove through Valley Forge Park and took a short walk to visit a reconstructed soldiers hut. We drove back roads to our old Exton neighborhood then off to the King of Prussia Mall for a walk. It was cold, windy and rainy so we decided to walk inside at the mall. We walked every bit of the mall to include both the plaza and the court. It was quite a workout. It may still be true but at one time it was the second largest mall in America and would have been larger than the Mall of America if that mall didn't include an amusement park. Back at Mike's we decided to drive into town due to the light rain but couldn't find a parking space, so we parked back at Mike's and walked to dinner as the rain was very light. We had a very nice Mediterranean dinner (Sage) and bought some chocolate on the way home. At Mike's we ate the chocolate and much of Mike's candy (various types of gummy bears) and bid farewell to Annika who headed home as she has to work tomorrow. We then headed back ourselves. It has been a great visit!