More Visitors

March 28, 2024

Last Friday, Mike, our cross-street neighbor in The Villages, flew in and we picked him up at the airport. We all did a bit of hiking and a lot of touring. He and I spent a bit of time in the neighborhood hot tub and steam room, making all our aches feel a little better. On Tuesday, his daughter and son-in-law arrived for a short visit. Again, touring and hiking. We all went to Lost Dutchman where they hiked up to the base of Superstition while Alesa, Mike and I just circled in the desert below. They all left this morning, dropped Mike off at the airport and continued on to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We had a great visit and hats off to Alesa who soldiered through despite her bruised ribs. We all had a wonderful visit, even Alesa.