October 7, 2022

It's finally October, the September love bugs are gone, the muhly grass has turned purple and it's only a month until our Mediterranean cruise. We have done all of the pre-cruise requirements with Viking and only have a couple of 'doctor' things to do. We finished painting the lanai floor and then painted the front entryway floor since we had paint left. Our next-door neighbor took us out to dinner this evening as a thank you for watching Ladybug during her trip. On the way home she told us that today was her birthday and she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. She obviously didn't realize to whom she was talking, so, we went right to our house for a celebration. We took a cake out of the refrigerator, added a musical candle and sung 'Happy Birthday'. There were three launches from the cape this week and the weather has been clear so we had good views. One launch was at dusk with a full moon.