One more visitor

April 10, 2024

On Monday, we had a visit from Sally Mayer whom we would always see when we visited Maine. She lives in Taos and was coming to Eloy, about 20 miles south of us, to sell a home she has there. She won't be there long so we are hoping to get down to see her again before she leaves. She and Art (who recently passed) are/were great friends and we had a wonderful visit. We also had a partial eclipse that day which I observed with a pinhole camera. I also watched the total eclipse on the internet using the traffic cameras in Erie. Yesterday, both Alesa and I had our cardiology appointments with the same doctor and we are both good to go for another year. Today I picked up my new hearing aids from the VA. Don't notice much difference yet except the turning signals are louder. I am sure they will help and I will keep wearing them. The best part is the Bluetooth capability. I can answer and make phone calls and listen to my phone, my computer and the TV without bothering Alesa. Pool season has started, we have removed the cover and are enjoying the water. Received a postcard from Michelle from the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. She was unable to get a reservation so she hiked in and out the same day.