To Philly

June 11, 2018

Yesterday we went to a wedding brunch at Bob and Cathy's and a second chance to visit with family and friends. It has been a wonderful family weekend and Bob & Cathy were excellent hosts. After which, Mike & family headed back to Philly and Jeff & family and we went back to the Sheraton to rest and unwind. Some walked, some fished, some swam in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub and some just crashed. For dinner we did a "Pizza Prowl", testing the pizza and touring the area. We went to Barbato's, (Perry Highway), Valerio's (E 38th), Porky's (old Barbato's Wesleyville location) and Virgil's (W 6th). We all had our say but Barbato's seemed to be the consensus winner. Virgil's was new to us and featured square pizza with each slice available with different toppings. It was a close second, the staff was extremely welcoming and we spent quite a bit of time talking with the owner. This morning we packed up and drove back to Philly. It is my 71st birthday and I thank all those who called, texted, emailed and 'facebooked' their birthday wishes. We are at Jeff's and just finished watching this year's Superbowl. Fly Eagles Fly!