Picking up the trailer

February 12, 2007

Today we picked up the trailer.  They showed us how to use everything, made a few things right and the trailer was ours to take home.  We hooked it to the truck but it was in a tight spot so they brought it out.  It was tight because on the way out the front right corner of the trailer dented the left rear of the truck cab but they will make it right.  We asked for a short test drive and a few driving pointers.  Driving staight is fine but backing up is going to be F.U.N.   We were able to drive it into our driveway but the truck is held captive.   Don't know if we are going to move it until we leave for Florida.  May take it out practicing and/or may move it to Jeff's driveway, we'll see.   Pictures of the trailer in the diveway and the dent attached.