May 23, 2022

We commented that our room was a little warm at night so yesterday Jeff noticed that the refrigerant line to the condenser for the A/C unit for the first floor had frozen up. This is usually caused by the refrigerant being low. He shut down the unit and waited for the line to thaw and then started it back up. It cooled the first floor down and he turned it off for the night because the temperature goes into the low seventies overnight. Today he called a repairman who found what looked like the leak in the condenser coil. After getting some exorbitant quotes he is now looking at alternatives as we can limp along on the current unit and the upstairs unit is working just fine. After the excitement Jeff and Danielle ran an errand and Alesa and I biked over to pickleball and back. As you notice I am experimenting with photo captioning on my phone, on my computer and in Flickr.