September 25, 2022

After a week of dog-sitting I took Alesa to dinner at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant near Brownwood for a fine dining experience. Since it was a date we both dressed up a bit. It was a fun night out and Alesa had the best Pork Schnitzel ever.
We will probably go back sometime soon just for the schnitzel. We had reservations for golf this morning but they called the other day to say the course would be closed so they made a new reservation at another course. The next day they called to say that the new course was to be closed also. I made another reservation and we did golf this morning. Turns out that they will be running the sprinklers nonstop at these and other courses to get the water levels down in the retention ponds to deal with potential flooding which hurricane Ian may cause. Sprinklers will continue to run in most public areas until the danger passes. Also watched another launch of Starlink satellites.