Salt Cell

February 29, 2024

The salt cell has been installed for the pool. The flow sensor he installed was bad and it took a few days to find a replacement but, now it is in and operating. We still have a problem with the heater not turning off when it reaches the set temperature. We have called our home warranty to have it fixed. We should be ready for pool season. We looked into having solar cells installed on our roof but since the power company (SRP) does not buy back extra power, the payback was too long and we couldn’t justify it. Alesa had a minor ENT procedure to solve a runny nose and has recovered nicely. Attended a quilt and auto show in our neighborhood with Jeff and Danielle. They were selling hot dogs and that was the real draw. Spent some time at the Lost Dutchman Mine State Park hiking in the desert. Also picked up a pass which gives me, as a disabled veteran, free access to all the Arizona state parks.