April 23, 2022

Steve and Laura arrived on Tuesday evening and left this morning to visit with her sister and niece for a few days before heading back to Maine. We had a great time and in addition to eating and drinking we golfed 18 holes at Palmer Legends, golfed 18 holes at Marshview (a Pitch and Putt course), hiked the boardwalk at a local preserve and golfed 18 at the Mission Inn country club. Alesa and Laura also made room reservations for our August trip to Halifax and Quebec City. We were planning a trip to Newfoundland but found there were no room reservations available for the ferry to and from, nor were there rental cars available if we were to fly. There might have been seats available on the ferry but we weren't willing to sit for the 17 hour trip. Something big must be happening in Newfoundland in early August so we changed our plans. The last Erie club meeting was on Thursday night but Steve and Laura didn't want to go. It was Bunco and pizza night and I had ordered the pizzas and am responsible for supplies. I went to set things up and left after they were done eating and beginning to play bunco. We had about 5 pizzas left and I took them to the firehouse as the firemen are always appreciative.