Settling in Arizona

December 2, 2023

As you can imagine we have been quite busy setting up our home. I’ve had two appointments at the Phoenix VA just getting established. Most will be done at a local VA clinic but I had to go to Phoenix for these two. Hematology/Oncology on Tuesday and Cardiology on Thursday. A long drive into Phoenix but not bad except for Thursday which was during the morning rush hour. We had the entire inside of the house painted on Wednesday and Thursday (except the bathrooms). Yesterday we bought new counter stools at American Furniture Warehouse, which is Danielle’s favorite place (Soon to be Alesa’s as well). This morning we bought five bookshelves at IKEA and I spent the afternoon assembling them. I did take a break when Alesa took Danielle to Target then went to her house to watch baking shows together. Today would have been my mother’s 99th birthday and I called each of my siblings to catch up.