St. Andrews, New Brunswick

August 4, 2022

Yesterday, we completed the "ArriveCAN" information required to enter Canada. This morning, Alesa, Laura and I drove to Calais and entered Canada across the 'Third Bridge'. This was a trial run to ensure no problems when we enter for our longer trip. At the border the customs agent asked where we from, where (and why) we were going and scanned our passports which pulled up our information. She then asked if we had any firearms, illegal drugs, etc., etc. and we were free to go. It was very smooth and easy. She had a large stack of Covid tests behind her and I think they can randomly require you to take a test. We then drove to St. Andrews which is a very nice tourist town on the Bay of Fundy. They were having the weekly farmer's market on the square, so it was quite crowded. We parked and walked the town to include the market. The ladies shopped and shopped and then we had a nice lunch at 'The Gables'. The tide was out so there were a lot of people walking the large tidal area. We drove back to the US by way of St. Stephens and Calais over the 'Ferry Point Bridge'. Reentry to the US was very easy and straightforward as well. There was only one car in front of us on entering Canada and a half a dozen in front of entering the US. We stopped on the way back and Laura bought lobsters for tonight's dinner. They then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out (remember) how to play Mahjong. This evening we had an awesome lobster dinner boiled by Steve over an open campfire. Now they are remembering how to play rummy.