State College - Elyse

August 28, 2022

Went to Elyse's apartment at 10 this morning. After many hugs and a short visit we headed off to the Nittany Mall only to find that it didn’t open until noon on Sundays. We went in but didn’t want to wait so we headed back into town to Elyse’s favorite coffee shop, Elixir. After our coffees we walked around town a bit then drove back to the mall and Alesa took Elyse into American Eagle for some serious shopping. We then went to lunch at Otto’s Pub and Brewery. We had a great lunch and took all of the leftovers back to Elyse’s apartment. We also left all of our perishables with her since we will be headed to the train in the morning and they probably wouldn’t last. She should be eating well for the next few days or so. She had to work this evening so we said our goodbyes, got our final hugs and thanked her for a wonderful visit. We plan to see her in December for her graduation. We drove down to Frederick, MD to be within an hour of the Lorton Auto train station. We took back roads most of the way through the mountains. They were very good roads but mostly single lane, windy roads with a lot of steep climbs and descents. It was a hard but fun scenic ride and we rode through many towns and areas that, prior to now, we have only seen on highway signs. As we were leaving State College, I saw a delivery on our Ring doorbell so I called Mike, our cross-street neighbor, and asked if he would pick it up. Turned out it was a package for one of our neighbors. Settled in Frederick for the night with an hour drive left to Lorton in the morning. Almost home.