Steve & Laura, Steroid Shots, Open Houses and Showings

April 19, 2023

Steve and Laura arrived on Friday and we all golfed on Saturday. I was able to play all nine on Bacall. On Sunday they played 18 holes on the Richmond pitch and putt course. That walk would have been too much for me. On Saturday, we had Eugene and Connie as well as Al and Sue Laplant over. Eugene is Laura's nephew and the Laplants are their neighbors here for the winter from Grand Lake Stream. On Sunday, we had the neighbors over to meet Steve and Laura. On Monday, I got a steroid shot in my hip. The effect seems to come and go so the jury is still out on its success. Met with my VA doctor last week and my glucose level was high so he has me checking the level every week. I was supposed to meet with my regular doctor tomorrow but she called in sick so I will meet with her on the 1st and I expect an A1C test. Since I OD'd on jellybeans before my blood test I suspect that was the cause. Still meeting with the neurosurgeon on the 28th and the pain doctor on the 1st before our trip to AZ on the 3rd. Craig and Janet are coming up tomorrow. For the house, we have a showing tomorrow afternoon and a third open house on Friday. Alesa received her new passport last week, which we ordered on-line, so we are ready to travel. We borrowed a neighbor's golf cart for Steve and Laura but I had to jump it because they rarely use it. I jumped it in their garage and put it on the charger in our garage and it was fine for their visit. It was quite a feat to jump it in their garage with my golf cart but I got it done. Why I didn't just charge it in their garage I don't know, DUH! Steve and Laura left yesterday for her sister's in Ormond Beach. I had an eye exam at the VA and all is well, another pair of reading glasses is on the way. Picked our first peach today, yum. More kudos to my caregiver!