Still Home

September 7, 2022

The picture is a Google Map Timeline created from my phone's map activity of the places we stopped/stayed during our recent trip. We have been home for a week and a day and still haven't fully recovered. Just haven't readjusted to the heat and humidity. My back/hip is still causing sciatica and I am not sleeping very well. Alesa's neck is bothering her and she has been working outside in the heat a lot to get caught up on the yardwork. Our recent travel has started us thinking about moving so we talked to our realtor and she only recommended cutting back on all the plantings we have. Prospective buyers would see them as work so she is beginning to thin them out. Probably won't move for a while but have started the thought process and looking at options. Golf tired us one day to the point we thought we should use two of the many Covid test we have; they were negative. Been working on a trust and got it today but am sure there will be a number of changes. It's better than a will for a lot of reasons and we also redid other documents such as our wills, powers of attorney, living wills, etc. We are working with an Elder Law firm so we should have everything covered. We both got our flu shots today. Last week we booked the shore excursions we will be taking on our November cruise in the Mediterranean. We were coordinating them with the four other people joining us. Tomorrow, we make reservations for the specialty restaurants on board.